Monday, October 21, 2013

Not Really a Writer.

I promised my girls that I would participate in NaNoWriMo with them this year...if, I could come up with an idea. Well. I had an idea, announced to them that I would do it and set about trying to plan it. But, what I have discovered is that writing is easy for me -- if I know what I am supposed to be writing. For example, in high school, I participated in a lot of writing contests where the participants are given a topic and a time limit. I almost always got first place in those. With the exception of one time, I placed in the top three.

I don't say those things to brag. In fact, I find it to be a huge failing on my part--and though I would like to be a total American of the 21st century and blame it on my English teachers in high school or that I went to a public school...I know it has a lot more to do with something in me. Or rather, not in me.

Writing something that comes from my own head is hard work for me. And I am lazy. (as this blog shows rather clearly.) God gave me a good memory and regurgitating facts is easy for me, which is why I did (and still do) well if I am given an assignment. But I have to work hard to write without one.

This summer, I rode a bicycle in a charity event that was longer than I even like to drive. But I didn't just jump on the bicycle and ride it the whole way the day I decided to do it. It took months of preparation. The first time I rode this summer, I could barely make 9 miles. I need to approach writing for myself the same way, I think. And though I have much less time to prepare for it (10 days! Eeek!), I know that training pays off.

So, this was my first writing work-out. Now to go write up a character sketch and ask my protagonist what she wants. I think her name might be "Mercy."