Tuesday, August 15, 2017

My Husband is my Captain

My husband and I ride a tandem bicycle. He is my captain and I am his stoker. He does the hard part of cycling—steering, shifting, deciding when to cross roads, and how fast (or slow) we should pedal. My job is to pedal as he needs me to and stay balanced and trust him to be the Captain...and enjoy the ride. But here's the thing: if I don't trust him—if I'm constantly trying to see around him or steer for myself or trying to set the cadence of our pedaling—we ARE going to crash, no matter how great a cyclist my captain is.

But I do trust my husband. I trust that he has my best interests in mind with every decision he makes while we are on the bike and also in our everyday life. I know that he will shift the gears to make our pedaling more efficient and therefore less fatiguing. I know that he will never put me in danger on the road. I know that he will steer in a predictable, steady manner. He goes above and beyond that, though. He warns me when there's a bump in the road ahead and when he's going to turn or stop. He reminds me to drink and take in calories during the ride so I don't get overly tired.

He also challenges me. To go harder, to go faster, to go farther, to get stronger. He pushes me just past where I want to give up. Sometimes, though, he has to tell me that I'm working too hard; that I need to coast for a little bit or at least pedal softer—to conserve my energy for the rest of the ride. When we started riding together, I could barely ride ten miles – last weekend, we rode 65 miles on a Sunday night. In late September we will do a two day charity ride that has us ride 100 miles on the first day.

I have had friends tell me they could never ride behind their husbands. They don't trust their husbands enough to let him make those decisions. Sometimes I wonder why a friend doesn't trust her husband to do what is not only best for her but also best for him? I know that no human relationships can be perfect, but he is also on the bike with her—surely that should count for something.

Aren't we all like that with God, though? We trust him with a lot of things in our lives...but not others. We try to steer from the back and somehow, we're surprised when we crash. It's like we don't think He has our best interests in mind; like we don't trust the direction He's steering us or the pace He's moving us. We may be challenged. We may be faced with harder work than we want to do. We may be on a more difficult route than we would choose for ourselves. We probably feel pushed just beyond our comfort level. But He is our Captain. We can trust Him. He has our Best in mind.

Trust your Captain, keep pedaling, stay balanced, enjoy the ride!