Thursday, January 15, 2009

He's Walking

Okay, so in all reality, he started walking on Christmas Eve...Papa even took some video. :o) But there are times when they just seem to be getting comfortable in a new skill. And that was today. I love my camera phone--it's always with me. And Picasa has some neat formats.
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Monday, January 12, 2009

Update 2

My dragonfly is in college! Yikes...I'm old...

She's majoring in nursing.  Her dream is to become an Occupational Therapist, so she needed some kind of "biology" major.  Nursing looked like the best choice; practical, flexible, necessary.  As an added bonus, it is in high demand in the military.  While we were looking for college money, we ran across information about ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps)...silly me, I always thought that was for high schoolers (btw, that's the Junior ROTC).  Guess that's what happens when you don't pay any attention in high school.  We went to the college and talked to the guy (can't remember his rank! sorry) in charge of the ROTC and he was very interested in getting her into their program.  So, all this to say--"she's in the army now" with a full scholarship and a four year commitment to serve once she finishes college.

first day

in uniform


Well...uh...I'm not sure what to say.  :o)  You know, it's amazing -- I love to write, I want to blog, but I usually have no idea what to write I don't write anything, and that just compounds the problem because then I have too much to write about.


So, a few of you know that we bought the land we wanted last spring--to update on that, we've had our garden, though not super successful; we have cleared, and installed the septic. 
Some pictures:

the land, before

getting cleared

septic tank going in

the garden, early

apparently, I didn't take any pictures after it really started growing in...

btw, anyone have any tried and true methods of eradicating squash bugs, without poisons?

I'll start another post for other updates