Thursday, February 22, 2007


I have recently been having discussions with other women about their husbands, marriages, children, and homes. One started with tears and a confession that her marriage was just "not what it used to be" and that she didn't have any respect for her husband.

Ladies, "LOVE" is not a feeling or an emotion, although it affects both. Love is an action--it is something you do to another or accept from another. Love is a choice.

YOU choose your own actions and this (in no small part) determines the actions--or rather re-actions--of the people around you.

We, as wives and moms, have so much more power than the world recognizes. We determine the atmosphere in our homes by the Love we show. We choose--day by day, minute by minute--how we are going to act toward our husbands and children, how we are goig to act about our husbands and children toward other people. Choose wisely.

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